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 Pet Allergy Notice: Dog and Cat present in workplace


Curious who makes all of these fluffy animal costumes? Find out a little about the makers of mischief

We’re just a couple of people who love to create! Anything is possible with enough hot glue and thread.

The Mischief Makers are  really only two people! We are a husband and wife team who love working together on these amazing costumes. We started making fursuits after a convention, where we saw these animal costumes for the first time. After that, we wanted to make more costumes than the two of us would ever wear, thus the Mischief Makers were born and we have been making these costumes professionally since 2011 together.

Since we are located in Southern California, we  make frequent trips to LA’s Fashion District where we have access to every fur anyone could dream of! We also really enjoy going to conventions and try to attend a variety every year. Here’s hoping we see you at the next event!

1st in Professional Suit Maker Category at Further Confusion 2013

About Us Awarded 1st place! Atlas obscura Article world of weird

The furry community encompasses a number of interests including fan art, comics, and music, but its most widely seen members are those who have made a hobby of dressing up in cartoonish anthropomorphic animal suits, usually made to their own design.

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Team mischief was interviewed for an amazing documentary about furries and the culture by BBC  Channel 4

Our very 1st guest of honor invitation!  Itty Bitty Fur Con is a two day Fur Convention in Phoenix Arizona that focuses on local talent and community. Booth and badge sales open soon, as well as hotel announcements

World of Weird! GOH (Guest  of Honor) Mama mischief aka Bongo

My creative name is Bongo, or BongoQueen and you can find me on                                                 Queen_Bongo

Papa mischief aka Dago

I go by Dago artistically and actually!  You can also find me on                                                 Papamischief                  


Bongo and Dago have been making fursuits professionally for about 7 years. They love the big, friendly family that came along with making such personal characters for clients all over the world. The Mischief Makers are elated to be one of the first guests invited to DenFur Con and can’t wait to see everyone and gets some big hugs!

Mischief videos! Team mischief