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Mischief Makers ©         Last Update:  August 2014       Pictures provided by:  Daniel Harvey DougTheHusky, Roko, Rouxx, Sky Cheetah, Singha

Closed until December 

Here at the Mischief Makers studio, we will make your custom creation a reality! With quality materials, an eye for detail, and a bit of mischief, we make original designs into wearable works of art. So take a look around and see if we're right for your next mascot, fursuit, or costume!

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BLFC Music Video

See all the mischief at Reno!

San Diego Fursuit Fun

Music Video made by Jakku

Slurpee Dance

Music Video made for Slurpee Day 7-11

Head Sculpting Tutorial

See how we sculpt a foam head

Gallery Gallery     Mischief