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I would like a movable jaw. Can you do that?

Sorry, we do not offer moveable jaws at this time. We are currently experimenting with ways of creating moving jaws. We also do not offer glass eyes, or taxidermy jaw sets as it does not fit in with our current style of work.

Do I need a reference sheet?

Yes! A reference sheet with 3 clear, consistent views is critical to getting your character just right.

I’ve seen a suit at a convention I like. Will you make one just like it?

We do not/cannot make replicas of other suits. We encourage you to be creative in the design process! We can also do “artistic freedom” commissions, in which you give us just a bit of information (usually the species, and colors you like) and we create an original design for you out of our own minds! This can sometimes encourage us to include extras in your suit if we think it would enhance the outcome.

Reference examples How long does a suit take to complete?

We start and complete a suit within the same month. We work on 3-4 suits per month.

Relevant information

Digitigrade costumes have padded legs to give the illusion of an animal standing on their hind legs.

The padding is soft polyfil pockets sewn in the leg, and is removable for washing.

Comes with one pair of outdoor feet, four finger hand paws, a tail with belt loops, and of course the head.

If your character isn’t digitigrade, but still has padded legs

(like a kangaroo or mouse)

you would choose this option.

digitigrade suit Or other padded leg starting at $3,000
plantigrade suit Starting at $2,600

Plantigrade suits have straight form fitting legs with no padding.

They are comfortable and easy to move around it.

Comes with outdoor feet, tail on belt loops, four finger hand paws, and of course the head!

Partial costumes are everything but the body suit.

You wear your own clothes so it’s a great option for people worried about over heating or have outfits planned for their character.

This option includes the head, four finger hand paws, outdoor feet, and tail on belt loops.

*While bodysuits can sometimes

be ordered at a later date,

we do not guarantee

we will have matching fur.*

partial suit Starting at $2000
head only Starting at $1400

Already have a body that you would like to update the head for?

Our heads are comfortable,

fully lined with spandex,

and provide excellent

vision and ventilation.

As with most costumes there is very little peripheral vision, and a small blind spot between the eyes.

Our clients have told us

our heads are the most comfortable they’ve ever worn !

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