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 Pet Allergy Notice: Dog and Cat present in workplace



Deposit: We require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of your total quoted price. (If your suit is $2000, your deposit would be $600). Once you send in the initial deposit, in no circumstances will the deposit be refunded if you were to cancel the commission in the future.

Payment Plans : Payment plans, if necessary, need to be arranged prior to deposit. Should you request a payment plan, you will receive four equal Paypal invoices spread evenly over the remainder of your wait time. These are automated and should make payments much easier. You are more than welcome to pay your total in full at any time.

Payment Due: The remaining amount must be paid in full any day before the 1st of your estimated completion month. However, if you cannot pay the total before your month, please contact us to discuss your situation and rearrange your payment plans. The commission will be pushed back and be completed at a later date.

Abandonment:  If you do not contact the Mischief Makers within 60 days of suit completion, they will assume you have abandoned your suit and they will sell it. You will forfeit your deposit, but every attempt will be made to refund any extra payments you have made. If 6 months have passed since the suit completion and you still have not contacted the Mischief Makers, you forfeit your deposit and any amount you have put into the suit and they will reserve the right to sell it.

Personal Check, Cashier’s checks, or Money orders are not accepted.

California residents are subject to 8% sales tax. This will be added to your invoice.


You must be 18 or older to purchase a suit from us. We do not work with parents or guardians.

Mischief Makers reserves the right to cancel, refuse or change your commission if any complications may occur. However, if there are any problems, we will contact you before making any decisions and resolve the matter.

Your estimated completion date is an estimate, not a guarantee. We try to stick to our schedule, but sometimes the unplanned happens and delays may occur. We will keep all clients informed. We do not guarantee convention completions or delivery. We would rather give you a quality suit than a rushed product.

Any design changes or additions need to be approved and your total due may increase. Changes made after work has begun may delay completion of your suit.

We find all of the fur we use locally in Los Angeles. We make every effort to find the closest matching fur to the reference art provided, but fur is limited in color, selection, length, etc and may not be an exact match. If you wish to provide your own fur, you are welcome to, but no discounts will be given. We DO NOT purchase fur on the internet. If you find a specific fur you would like used in your design online, you are welcome to purchase an amount we recommend, and have it shipped to us. No discounts will be given for providing any fur.

While we love tackling new species and design challenges, there are a few requests we will NOT make. These include, but are not limited to:

o Angel Dragons

o Sergals

o Satanic or Religious Symbology

o Tribal Tattoos

o Excessively large wings


Mischief Makers has a 30 day free repair warranty. It covers any fur suit parts damaged during shipment or arriving with flaws such as ripped seems or loose parts. Warranty takes effect once the package arrives to the customers’ home. Warranty will be voided if the costume has been altered in any way or damaged intentionally by the owner. Should free adjustments or alterations need to be made within 30 days of receiving, customer is responsible for return shipping of the items for repair. If you notice any problems within your 30 day warranty, you will have 2 weeks post warranty to return the suit for free repair. Should you fail to send your suit back within this time, you could be charged for any repairs or adjustments.


Shipping within the United States is NOT included in the quote. For full suits this is generally a $40-$60 charge for continental ground shipping. International orders are typically $100 and up. This is a charge we will determine based on your order and your address.

Should you desire insurance of your package it is your responsibility, and will be added to your invoice.

International shipping and all customs fees are the customer’s responsibility. Please research the customs regulations and fees in your area.